For Christians, Christmas is a very special time. It is not simply a memory, nor a mere symbol; not least a kind of story or game for small people. Nor simply a way that adults can feel like children again, at least for a few days.

Christmas is a liturgical time in which we renew the awareness of an event that continues to be fully valid: the second Person of the Trinity, the Word of God, who was born in a manger in Bethlehem. God has become man, he has become a Child, thus entering human history and its logic. Therefore, according to specific coordinates: at a given moment, in a specific place, through a culture that He wanted to assume with all the consequences. Since then, he has not retired or retracted that definitive event, which has changed the life of the world and continues, expanding his saving Love in the time and space of each one and of all, while at the same time ask for our collaboration so that your love reaches the ends of the universe.

Christmas only happened historically “once and for all”. But, being God its main protagonist, it is not something that simply happened; but it remains fully current. Not only in the eternal “Today” of God, but also in our lives, which are opened by faith to the life of God, allowing us to live and understand the eternal values, while trying to reproduce them in our ordinary existence. We do it, certainly, to the extent of our modest possibilities; but at the same time, and this is the fascinating thing, we are called to realize it with the very life of God (the Christian belongs to the Mystical Body of Christ); with his redeeming and saving force, always kind; with its revealing and wonderful light.

Christmas celebrates this birth and this life of God among men and of men with God. A birth and a life that, according to the Christian faith, have a reference to the past, and, at the same time, are fully current and a condition for full life in the future of men.