Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research In SEO

The entire concept of search engine optimization started with keyword addition and today is still the nucleus around which most SEO techniques and strategies revolve. These days, the process of keyword research and how keywords are implemented is a little more complicated than it was in the past but also a bit simpler due to the availablility of a variety of tools to assist in optimal keyword identification.

Your keywords need to match or be as similar as possible to search criteria used by consumers looking for a product, service or information provided by your website. There are therefore certain factors to keep in mind when selecting the optimal keyword.

1. Design A Keyword

This is simpler than it sounds. Simply consider the types of words or phrases you would use to search for the product or service that your business offers. These are most likely to be close to what other internet users will use. Type the keyword into a keyword research tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and you will receive an analysis on how effective the specific phrase will be.

It is also a good idea to get alternatives or equivalents for the keyphrase. You can also use these types of keyword identification tools to select an entire set of keywords for you.

2. Restrictions And Limitations

In the past, content was loaded with a specific keyword in order for search engines to index a webpage more effectively. However, this led to content that was not of a high quality or infomative, affecting overall user experience. These days keyword loading is penalized by search engines.

An exact keyword or phrase should be used once in the title and every 200 or 300 words in the main body. It is also important that the key phrase does not affect the flow or writing quality of the content. This is why having alternatives available is very important to avoiding keyword loading.

Keyword Research

3. Long Tail Keywords

These types of key phrases can also be used to replace an exact keyword in the body of your content. The process involves restructuring the keyphrase or adding words to grow or expand the keyword. For example, if you keyword is “Top SEO Tips” it can be expanded to “Top Comprehensive SEO Hints And Tips”.

4. Keyword Analysis

It is important to use an analysis tool to identify which keywords that you are using have been the most effective in the past. These keywords are optimal and should be used on a regular basis in new content addition. This is also a helpful tool to identify and eliminate keywords that aren’t working.

5. Diversify

As important as it is to use optimal keywords again in new content, it is just as essential to diversify. Using different keywords will help you reach a different audience and attract more visitors and therefore potential customers to your website.

Always keep in mind that using the right keywords or phrases can lead to greater business success whereas the wrong keywords can be a disadvantage.