How To Find Companies That Will Do Backflow Testing

One of the most important types of testing that you can do in regard to your water is to look for backflow. This is where unwanted water can go the wrong direction, coming back into a water supply. When this happens, it can contaminate the potable water that will be used for drinking. This can be a major problem, causing people to get sick, and also costing what could be millions of dollars in damage if this is a very large city water supply. To find companies that can do backflow testing to make sure this has not occurred, here is what you need to do.

What Exactly Is Backflow?

This is a situation where water is going in the wrong direction. An example of this would be flushing the toilet, and having this wastewater somehow making its way into a water supply. It may even be called regurgitation, or even reflux, similar to conditions that people can have when they are suffering with high amounts of gastric acid in their stomach. The main reasons that this happens has to do with back pressure. This is where there is going to be a much higher amount of pressure inside of the system which causes this reversal. There are many different levels of risk of contamination which are categorized, with ascending numbers representing conditions that are much worse.

backflow testing

How To Find Companies That Do This Type Of Testing

Companies that offer this type of testing can be found by looking in business directories, or you could also find them on the web. There are so many companies that offer these services. You will find yourself looking at several of them, each of which is going to offer to do these types of tests for a certain price. Although you may be looking for the most affordable option, you also need to consider the reputation of the business that you are going to use. You may receive a recommendation from someone that has had a similar problem, and they may tell you that this company did a good job for a reasonable cost.

How Long Does It Take To Do The Testing?

This is similar to any other water test that is done. A sample will be collected. That sample will then be sent to a lab where it will be analyzed for contaminants. If these match up with what could be contaminants from wastewater, they will then report their findings so that proper decisions can be made to resolve the problem. Those that are in charge of resolving the issue are going to do a couple different things. They will check the valve to make sure that they are not causing the back pressure issue. Additionally, there could be air gaps which are also leading to the problem. Once these are resolved, and the portable water is drained and replaced, the issue should not return.

Most of the businesses that offer this type of testing are in major cities. However, if you are in a rural community, there should be a company nearby. They will provide you with the results that you need to determine if backflow is actually occurring. If it is, you will want to call a professional to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Backflow testing could take up to a week for the results to be sent back to you. Sometimes it will take longer if this involves many different potable water sources. The key is to do this as soon as possible to determine if contamination has occurred so as to prevent unwanted illnesses from occurring to those that are drinking this water daily.