Comparing Refrigerators

If you’re in the market for buying a new fridge odds are you’ll be facing all sorts of questions. How much electricity do they use? Does the crisper in this one really do anything or is it just a place I drop a bunch of apples into and then forget about them for a month? Is one style of doors better than another style of doors? How much space do I really need to allocate to this thing and when do I know I’ve done it properly? It’s all sorts of important questions that you need to figure out the answer to if you’re going to make an informed decision and a good purchase. This thing is supposed to last you a decade or even longer so this isn’t a purchase you want to make lightly. Be smart about what you’re doing and get yourself one hell of an amazing refrigerator. Don’t screw this purchase up and spend years staring at a fridge you don’t like and never wanted. This is one call that you won’t live down if you get it wrong.

So it’s time to make some decisions on what fridge is the right one for you. First of all we’re going to have think about the style of the fridge we want and this is pretty much a no-brainer. Unless you were a fool or an idiot you’ll want to go with the French door type. This is a fridge with two doors that open outwards and have a freezer section tucked away in the bottom of the unit to make it easy to get to all your frozen treats (Like a couple Charleston Chews. Those things are amazing frozen). This is what it’s all about when you’re going to the store to make a purchase like this. Be smart and really look over your options and make the choice that is best for you.

best french door counter depth refrigerator

There are many models of French door fridges and you’re going to have to

figure out which is the best French door counter depth refrigerator for you to purchase.

Now you got all the major brands out there putting out models that you can think about buying. The refrigerator market is a huge one and you know everyone’s fighting to be top dog in this showdown. Nobody’s taking a backward step or giving an inch in the battle to sell you a good refrigerator. So let’s look at a couple contenders.
The LG French door fridge has an impressive 20 feet of cubit storing capability and has a sleek, elegant look to it. This is a fridge that you can be proud of and it’s one of the best on the market for just under two thousand dollars.

Kenmore has the biggest and boldest of the models in this category. With over 24 cubic feet of storage this thing can hold food for a small army. At under twenty five hundred dollars this thing can be fit into your budget with ease and serve you for decades.