Helping You Manage Your Money

Finity Group LLC is a financial planning firm in the niche of doctors and other medical professionals.

When you’re hustling through grad school trying to make your way to becoming a doctor or a dentist you’ll have to figure out exactly what you can do so that you can minimize your fiscal burden for your education while building your customer base as well as you can for your future employment. If you’re a student dentist training at Tufts odds are you’ll be working with plenty of well to do older people from the Boston area who will need constant dental work. Trust me my mom’s teeth are more metal than bone now but she’s far too proud to go for dentures so she’s going to keep working at this and keep making some dentist rich with all the work she needs done. If you got mom coming into your dental office you can plan on the trip to Paris every summer and having a year of your kid’s college paid for no problem. Seriously this woman’s teeth are the biggest money sink in the history of the world and she shows no signs of slowing down on this issue. She’s really getting worse as time goes on if I’m being honest. So yeah, find a bunch of prideful grey haired old ladies and get to work on fixing those teeth for huge piles of cash. This is the good life, it’s the life you want and can have if you work hard, study hard, and network like crazy when you can.

Once you’ve gotten all my mom’s money, and cost me my inheritance you’ll need to invest it wisely and make sure your money is well taken care of and working well for you. You’ll need to get yourself into the Finity Group.

Finity Group

This is a group that is certified by the BBB for being honest, fair, and transparent and having integrity. This is the group that will do exactly what you want them to do to make sure your money is dealt with in a fair and honest way. You can trust in the good people of Finity Group to manage your money in a smart, prudent manner that will lead to long term sustained growth. They can navigate the twists and turns of the stock market and find the right path for you and your money. Be it housing market bubbles, debt ceiling hostage taking by Republicans, or just the whole nightmare that is the Donald Trump Presidency you’ll have people who can figure out what is best for you and your funds and keep things going as well as they can.

So make some calls and find yourself the right people to handle your money. Mention my mom is one of your patents and odds are they’ll trip over themselves to help you. Honestly you should see the bills this woman gets from her insurance company, its five grand for crowns and root canals every other month. Her mouth should be a wifi hotspot for all the money she’s putting into it. You dentists have the life, seriously I envy you.